Greenclick Motion Graphic / 3D

Video que fiz para explicar o serviço do site da Greenclick.
Criado e produzido por mim.

I did this video to explain the service provided by Greenclick site.

Its was done all in 3DSMax. I did everything (concept, models, animation, render), except modeling some gadgets (netbook, books, keys).
I was very pleased with the result, although, if I had the time, I’d improve somethings.


Precifica Motion Graphic

Este é um motion graphic que fiz como freelancer pela minha empresa para a apresentando da plataforma de precificação eletrônica Precifica.
Criação e produção minha.

This is a motion graphic I did as freelancer showing Precifica plataform.
Concept and production by me.


Transferweb Motion Graphic

Este é um motion graphic que fiz como freelancer para a empresa Viação Santo Ignácio apresentando o serviço Transferweb.
Criação e produção minha.

This is a motion graphic I did as freelancer for Viação Santo Ignácio company showing the Transferweb service.
Concept and production by me.


3D Portrait

This image started as a modeling study with the  123d catch software from autodesk. I was trying to see what level of detail I could get from this kind of software. Anyway, another study.

leo_cc_008leo_cc_008_wire-beauty_lowResZBrush_retopo_001 ZBrush_rough_001


ERP Cloud Betalabs Motion Graphic

This is a video about ERP Cloud: a service provided by the Betalabs Company.

Concept and production by me.
Done in 3dsmax and After Effects.


Blood Donor Day – World Health Organization

This is a campaign for the world blood donor day (14 june 2012). It will run in over 200 countries.

I did this video at Conspiração Filmes, directed by Claudio Peralta.
It was done in 1 week, using 3dsmax and Vray.



Old Sketches

houseGirl_psd TWD_psd BG_psd metroGirl_psd Lu_psd kiss_psdmenina_cabelosPretoCokeSide_ofVal_psd


CG Reel 2011

This is my Demo Reel 2011. There is mainly the jobs I did at Conspiração Filmes. It’s a collection of TV commercials and VFX shots I did last year. My contribution in these commercials was, in most cases, modeling, rigging, animation, rendering and effects (simulations, particles, debris).

Hope you enjoy!


O Homem do Futuro – Time Machine Making of

Here’s a quick breakdown of a scene that I worked.
I was responsible for the time machine concept, modeling, texturing, animation and render.
The comp shown here is not the final one. I did it just to study nuke compositing.


O Homem do Futuro Movie

Oficial Trailer:

Music Clip – Tempo Perdido:

O Homem do Futuro (The Man of the Future) is a movie directed by Claudio Torres.

It’s about a man who accidentally discovers a time machine and uses it to regain the love of his life altering the past.
The premiere will be on september 2nd, 2011.

A team of 17 people*, including myself, worked very hard to deliver 200+ shots of visual effects. I worked in about 20 of them, from concepts to modeling, vfx animations and render. We got pretty excited about the final result of our effort!


*other artist who worked too: Ronaldo Pucci (comp), Paulo Duarte (3d artist), Rafael Furtado (3d artist), Valerycka Rizzo (motion design), Flávio Segal (3d artist), Thiago Pires (comp), Otavio Lima (comp), Marie Josée (comp), Marcos Aurélio (3d artist) , Guilherme Tollmeiner (comp)


Misubishi – Dakar

Commercial for Mitsubishi.
I did the modeling, texturing and helped with the lighting setup of the garage/fans. I worked in some FumeFx simulations too.

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.


Cloth Simulation – Skirt

Commercial with Ivete Sangalo.
I did the cloth simulation in Maya, rendered in 3DSMAX with mental ray.
Did some pre-comp in AfterFX. Final comp by Thiago Pires and Ronaldo Pucci.

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.



This is a promotional video for the website of J. Walker R.L.
My participation in the production of this video was: character modeling, rigging, animation and particle effects.

Wave scene: particles with FumeFx and Krakatoa;
Boat scene: character animations / particles with FumeFx and Krakatoa.

You can see the full video here!

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.


Nissim Talharim – Animation


The taglierini and the sauce pack were done in 3D (3dsmax and mray).
I did the tracking, rigging, 3D animation and render.


The pasta ribbons (taglierini) were done in 3D. Table and other elements are real footage.
I did the, rigging, 3D animation, tracking and rendering.
The setup for this animation was a little tricky, because there were so many splines and ctrls to work on…

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.


Vivo Animation

This is a animation for a commercial of cell phone company in Brazil.
I did the animation and rendering.
Done at Conspiração Filmes / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Polar Grenal Animation

Animation for a promotional campaign sponsored by a beer company, Polar.
Original site:

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.



This is a piece from a commercial.
The butterfly was animated and rendered by me. 3dsmax / MentalRay.
At Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.