This is a promotional video for the website of J. Walker R.L.
My participation in the production of this video was: character modeling, rigging, animation and particle effects.

Wave scene: particles with FumeFx and Krakatoa;
Boat scene: character animations / particles with FumeFx and Krakatoa.

You can see the full video here!

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.

Nissim Talharim – Animation


The taglierini and the sauce pack were done in 3D (3dsmax and mray).
I did the tracking, rigging, 3D animation and render.


The pasta ribbons (taglierini) were done in 3D. Table and other elements are real footage.
I did the, rigging, 3D animation, tracking and rendering.
The setup for this animation was a little tricky, because there were so many splines and ctrls to work on…

Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro.